A downloadable gravity-arena for Windows and macOS

Game Jam game done by a team of 5 people:

  • Emilio Roldan - Artist
  • Santi Iglesias - Developer
  • José Luis - Developer
  • Juan Miguel Liras - Developer
  • Martín Rodriguez - Game Design

No theme was given so we did a deathmatch game for up to 4 players in local, playing with gravity.

The resulting game was so crazy an unpredictable.

Tested for 2 players, one with keyboard and other with xbox360 controller, in the color selector, just select one color with the A button in the gamepad and click with the mouse for the keyboard controller and then start the match.

Gamepad: Right trigger fires, right button rope, left trigger jetpack, and left-right to move the player

Keyboard: left button fires, right button rope, space or up jetpack, and left-right to move the player

All the comments are appreciated!

Install instructions

Just download an decompress, the files are binaries for Windows and MacOSX. Read the description for controller details.


GravityArena_v0.1.2_MacOSX.zip 45 MB
Gravity_Arena_v0.1.2_Windows64-20190317T214231Z-001.zip 49 MB
Gravity_Arena_v0.1.2_Linux64.zip 83 MB


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Hi there! We enjoyed playing your game, and we seriously weren't expecting it! Nice graphics and mechanics! keep it up!

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